Our Firm


LPL Financial - Steven Dawson

LPL Financial - Steven Dawson  uses a highly disciplined approach to investing that is logical, organized and disciplined.


Our firm specializes in, and partners with you the investor, in order to help you make suitable investment decisions and regain control of your investments.


Our firm culture is based on personalized investment advice, education and care.




Our primary strength is our ability to help clients seeking to manage their market risk. We use Standard & Poor’s as well as LPL fundamental research to help identify WHAT investments to buy and Point & Figure Technical Analysis to identify WHEN to buy and WHEN to sell. There is nothing proprietary about the systems or methods we employ.


There are two key objectives we have in seeking to managing the risk within your account. They are to preserve wealth and to accumulate wealth. Our strategy is to preserve wealth by raising cash in the early stages of a stock market decline. We accumulate wealth by taking the cash we raised and reinvesting it in the investments when we believe the stock market is moving back up.




Our firm assumes the responsibility of watching your investments every day. We analyze changes in risk levels and inform you when it’s appropriate to modify your investment decisions. We provide easy-to-understand, specific advice. You will understand why we are making a recommendation, when to execute on it, and how it may effect your portfolio.


We function as an early warning system for our clients. We know our client’s and contact them at least two or three times a year or when their investments need immediate attention. We are usually available every business day and return phone calls and e-mails each day, usually within 1 hour.


Although our process for making risk-management decisions is well thought-out and structured, there will be times when an investment decision goes against us. Our investment strategy provides a game plan for when things go wrong. It’s OK to be wrong; it’s just not OK to stay wrong. That’s the essence of market risk management.




We schedule performance meetings to review decisions made during the year. During that meeting we will determine if it is mutually beneficial to continue the relationship.


LPL Financial - Steven Dawson  provides real-time information on your specific investments. When the markets begin to go down, you need to get the wealth preservation strategy information available to help you make suitable decisions. 




There are far too few people willing to make and keep commitments.  With LPL Financial - Steven Dawson you have come across a relationship that is what you should expect from financial professionals.


We are committed to telling you the truth at all times, especially when you may not really want to hear it. If we don’t know the answer to your question, we will say so---and then attempt to get you the right answer.  We will never tell you that we can do something that we can’t.  And finally, we will never tell you we are going to do something, and then not do it.


Our commitment to you is that our market risk management advice will be honest and straightforward and in your best interest. We take the personal pressure off you by taking the responsibility to watch your investments every day and to be accountable for the measurable results in seeking to preserve and grow the value of your investments.